Introspective Poet
Introspective Poet
Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

can digitally evolve

faith guarantees hope

incredible joy
kindness, loving, mindfulness
nightly overflow

perhaps quietness
revealing something truthful

without xenophobia
yielding zygotes

I’ve always loved haiku, and recently read some great abc poems (yes, look again at the poem structure–it was surprisingly difficult to complete, at least for me). Both styles use arbitrary limitations on form, forcing the author to rethink their ideas and come up with new angles of expression.

I did a bit of quick research and couldn’t find any existing instances of someone trying to combine these two limitation styles, and was curious if it were even possible…

Image for post
Image for post
Photo of the author circa 2013, taken by a coworker-friend outside our office.

My company book club is currently reading an important one: Algorithms of Oppression. This has sparked strong interest — in myself as well as many coworkers — to take action. I encourage you to read the book as well, to learn more about the core problems inherent to private algorithms. Ideally, algorithmically-driven decisions should represent all people equitably… but that’s currently not often the case.

How Search Engines Reinforce Racism.

Just as our world evolves, this blog will function as my personal evolving account of a shared journey towards reducing algorithmic oppression. …

Ryan LaBarre

buddhas and bicycles;

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